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Ster Tower

Ster Tower is an ultra-modern commercial tower owned and built by Ster Group, offering all the services you need as a professional. High standards are the norm and only the best materials are used. Ster Tower will provide you with the most modern offices with the latest technologies.

         Ster Tower is a building that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional. It will be sustainable, modern, practical and architecturally progressive. The different office space in Ster Tower offers an environment that cooperate with occupiers, supporter companies to develop towards the future with a workforce that has all the tools to work better, this is complemented by the modern work spaces to suit all requirements. These work spaces provide staff with natural light and individual views of the city.

What makes the building better is its prime location in the city of Erbil, this will help you to access very easily to all the business and life facilities in Erbil.

Ster Tower certainly becomes a prime target for both work and diplomatic purposes.