Ster Tower has a highly qualified and experienced security teams provided by Ster Security and the Zerevany team has provided by the government . The main goal of the security teams is to provide security to the Ster Tower occupants an d its surroundings. The security systems that are applied in the building include Automated Checkpoint , Checkpoint X-ray , Metal Detection K9, manual inspection, vehicles controlling , CCTV system with 24/7 monitoring as well as the information center which connected with all government security offices.



Internet, air-condition, and Electricity Ster Tower has high speed internet and 24/7 electricity. Since TarinNet is part of the Ster Group and as its head office in the tower, we are proud to have the latest in terms of internet services. The electric power of the building provided by the government electricity with 4 backup generators, the automatic change over system changes the electricity whenever there is cut by few seconds. Each floor has its own Air – condition units, the latest technology (vrf) with central controlling has applied in our air-condition system to maintain the performance of the units and decrease the cost of the power.


Health and Safety

The building is equipped with two fire escapes, smoke detectors, a sprinkler system, fire hoses, extinguish bottles, fire alarms,and it has an evacuation system in place in cases of emergencies. We have a central water treatment center, high-speed internet (fiber optic), IP and landline phone systems and many other features. Furthermore, our facility offers all tenants prompt and efficient maintenance and tech support services. At Ster Tower, we care about the health and safety of our tenants and guests and go to great lengths to ensure just that.


Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Ster Tower has professional staff for all maintenance services (mechanical, AC, electrical and others), the maintenance staff is doing preventive maintenance to keep the quality and performance of the building, however they are available for any problem may happens inside the building in any time Cleaners work around the clock to keep the premises clean, the special cleaning team is available 24/7.